Action from within

After a three-day intensive course with Alejandro Tomás Rodriguez (from Grotowski workcenter) I am left with the semi-philosophical question of what is action? 

In Latin, actio stands for “a putting in motion; a performing, doing”, however, this etimological origin does not explain the communicative content of the noun that has a strongly motion-related significance. We are to ask “putting what in action?performing what? doing what?” Perhaps we ought to look into what is the singularity of the action, what is it that awards a doing with a significance?

I believe an action is constituted by the need of communicating something, whether an emotion, a knowledge, a doubt… It is the process of putting in motion an impulse that is born from within, it is the activation of an inner drive by providing it with a meaning that may be expressed verbally and non-verbally.

Yet I suspect that an action may as well be a non-action insofar as not doing can also be motivated by a decision of not expressing an inner impulse. Even though a non-action may be less expressive than its anthithesis, it may embody the desire of non-communication, in other words- executing an action only within oneself. As a way of illustration:

The clamor of silence

The sublimity of a void

The comfort of loneliness

The fulfilling sensation of nothingness

The discomfort of not feeling

The omnipresence of numbness

The existence of existentialism




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